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The Social Exchange Theory

The social exchange theory states that we always minimize our efforts and maximize our recognition in our relationships. It depends on three levels,

  • The comparison level

  • The comparison level for alternatives and the investment model.

  • Comparison level is just costs and rewards of a relationship,

Comparison level for alternatives available in other relationships

Investment model, it depends on how much we have invested in a relationship and what would be lost if we leave it.

Now the concept of equity is the basis of social exchange theory, think of relationship as weight balancer there two parties balance it out eventually or after a long period of time in a relationship.

Equity is just the need to balance our things which is not to give everyone equally but to address the area which needs the most.

In life we already have some pre- formed relationships which we have to handle, a relationship with your friend or a relationship with your father and there are few which are made subconsciously unknowing they are natural and then there are relations which we attempt to make.

In general, we are always calculative of the relations we have, and sometimes we are care free because we have trust on that person these are our comfort zones, and the key is just to be yourself and self-care.

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Weighing relationships !

Hard hitting reality well explained

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