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Darlene Kollet-Breakup Coach

Hi, I’m Darlene! A relationship coach who specializing in breakup/divorce recovery. 


Sometimes in life, our pain leads us to our purpose. I am forever grateful that my experiences have given me the insight and perspective to guide others through the storm to become the very best version of themselves.


Together we can evaluate your unique situation and develop an action plan to set you on the path to recovery.

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My Story

When 54-year-old Darlene Kollet’s 31-year-marriage ended suddenly, she was in crisis trying to figure out how to get through it on her own.

“I kind of had to learn on my own how to get through it,” said Kollet. “You can’t just listen to what everyone tells you to do. You really have to run your own race and go through this terrible grieving process kind of on your own.” 

Kollet’s wounds healed as time went on and she later became a relationship coach that specializes in breakup recovery. She reached an even wider audience once she created her TikTok account, @heal_with_darlene, where she helps her 122,000+ followers by offering reassurance, advice and gentle affirmations. 

Her biggest advice to people coming out of relationships is to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Kollet explains the crisis after the breakup will only last for a little while, but it’s important to take some time for yourself and ask if the relationship was even healthy. To avoid romanticizing the person, she suggests making a list of what things went wrong in the relationship to keep yourself grounded.


“Every time your mind goes to that romantic side of the relationship, just bring yourself back to reality,” said Kollet. “As you look at that list, if you get back together again, those are things you have to work on. Even if you get with someone new, those are your new deal breakers. Your standards are gonna be up the next time you get into a relationship whether it’s with that person again, or someone new. Keep yourself based in reality and don’t get carried away with the fantasy of who this person was.”


Kollet’s large following on the app attracts an influx of clients who seek her help on a daily basis, especially when friends and family are tired of hearing the never-ending discussion about relationship issues.


“I feel like sometimes people wear out their friends and families to a point where finally everyone’s saying, ‘Are we still talking about this? Like, are you over it by now?’ And the answer is no” said Kollet. “It takes months and years to actually work through the breakup. So when people dismiss it, I think they’re not understanding the depth and pain of that trauma.” 

Easy To Reach-Darlene Kollet

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