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Finding Love

As We see love to be the greatest Wonder of life, we perceive it as an epitome of Beauty and as an act that encompasses everything and every reason

Does life really allow that kind of Love which is shown in movies? Movies Often portray love as easy, breezy, and almost effortless. However, is this portrayal accurate? To know and see the love of your life right in front of you, to see everything in them, might be a deception – a deception of the highest order. Yet, to feel it isn't deception. It's Merely an attempt to feel love within you, through you, via someone else. This attempt to feel love is beautiful, as that someone else acts as a catalyst. But afterwards, it feels like a blankness takes over, almost like a forgetfulness of your own self.

Love is akin to fire, and we are like wood. When we are consumed by fire, we feel ourselves being consumed in a positive way, and we interpret it as love. However, just as fire is latent within wood, similarly, love Is latent within a person's heart. The Intensity of the fire depends on the size of the wood.

The nature of true love is such that It shouldn't be bound by logical conditions. Consider how a parent loves their child – Regardless of any shortcomings, a parent's love for their own child remains steadfast. We might experience different forms of love: fatherly love, motherly love, the care of friendship. Yet, we all possess a yearning for something unique, something new, even if we're unsure of what exactly we seek.

Still, we find people who have discovered the love of their life, often referred to as "the apple of my eye." For those still in the blind spot, are we trying to discover love within ourselves through others? Do we want to feel loved by a special someone, or are we trying to discover love in someone else, sense it in them, and feel it later? Both possibilities can be mutually inclusive, or perhaps we're simply searching to trust someone.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The first part of the blog was indeed comical, yet presented the illusion of cinema we often get dragged into an illusion what love should be

Loved what you said : 'The Intensity of the fire depends on the size of the wood"

The subject is as vast as it is complex, but this a great article indeed !!

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