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Katherine Kleis-Narcissistic Abuse Coach 

Katherine Kleis who is an accomplished coach and community builder, dedicating her efforts to empowering individuals both within local organizations and professionally. As the founder of STAND Coaching LLC, Katherine demonstrates her commitment to making a positive impact on society.

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My Story

With a degree in psychology, she leverages her expertise as a coach, driven by a deep desire to help people discover true peace, freedom, and their true identity. Additionally, Katherine raises awareness on multiple platforms, spreading inspiration and empowerment to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.


Passionate about shifting narratives and cultures, Katherine challenges the negative beliefs that have been ingrained in generations. Abuse perpetuates a cycle in which our youth are still paying a price for the trauma experienced by their parents, and grandparents. As a survivor of child abuse and partner violence, Katherine believes in the power of breaking the cycle suggesting that together we can make lasting change for our lives, our children, and for future generations.


In her personal life, Katherine is known for her positive and uplifting nature, enjoying simple pleasures such as spending time with her son, enjoying the outdoors as well as participating in sports such as CrossFit and gymnastics.

Easy To Reach-Katherine Kleis

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