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Avoidant Personality Disorder is NOT Just Social Anxiety.

It's not the same as social anxiety or shyness. People may perceive you as shy, reticent, or private if you have an avoidant personality disorder. Even though childhood hesitancy is frequently one of the early indicators, this illness goes beyond being modest. Shy people may initially find it difficult to connect with new people, but over time they come to feel more at ease daily routine If you have an avoidant personality disorder, you could feel so self-conscious around other people that you won't feel comfortable or safe in their presence.

According to some specialists, avoidant personality disorder is best described as a severe form of social anxiety because it and social anxiety have so many parallels but for various reasons they’re considered as separate conditions.

Social interactions are not the only thing that avoidant personality disorder affects. A person's productivity and success in life may also be impacted by their fear of being harshly assessed. "I won't fail if I don't try,"

People who live with anxiety frequently recognize their responses as anxiety, which is one of the main differences between the two. Going to a party might be extremely frightening if you suffer from social anxiety. Even if you are aware that the things you worry about are unlikely to happen—like spilling your drink on your shirt or saying the wrong thing—you still find yourself worrying about them. Now, those who have avoidant personality disorder commonly lack that awareness. Instead, you might feel certain that whatever you say or do will cause people to judge you negatively. Are you trying to figure out if you have an avoidant personality disorder? Here are some signs that you possibly could have AVPD:

Avoiding social situations or holding back when you can’t steer clear of them considering yourself inferior to others be very easily affected by a judgment or negative feedback These traits can show up in different ways. You might: Avoid activities where you have to spend time with people keep personal information to yourself recurrently be in perturbation about the impression you have on others believe others find you unappealing or awkward regularly imagine the relationships you’d like to have may feel like it is strenuous to share feelings, even with people you love avoid trying new things because you don’t want to embarrass yourself consider everyday situations difficult or mortifying feel as if you have a hard time figuring out your identity, and have an incomplete sense of self.

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