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Why Sex with toxic people feels "Great"

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

When in a toxic relationship/ bond/ rather pernicious relationship with a partner of sexual/romantic interest, your emotional needs are unmet and you are deprived of consistency, healthy love, reliability, altruism, respect and reverence. This leaves you wanting to prove your worth and your subconscious querying the credence of 'Am I not worthy enough" which pushes your shadow/ ego self to chase the connection. Sex hence becomes the only part of the intimacy that you can procure in the connection. The dopamine that your body receives hence is high and your feel-good hormones aggrandize the feeling of arousal. Hence in lieu of embracing yourself and endeavouring to detach from the connection, you land up wanting to intensify the connection. It is so consequential to realize that lack of self-love and unhealthy attachments with toxic people play a very big role. By studying Sexology and trauma bonding patterns we can comprehend what veridical intimacy is. Sex with a secure person can feel less exhilarating and could even feel jejune, monogamous, or to be frank as if something is missing.

When you are attuned to the volatility you might not feel the volatility that you are often used to. The sex can make you feel hooked and push you to return or go back to your toxic partner/situation ship or sexual partner. People often are oblivious to the fact that may at times toxic people can fact be very selfish in bed. It does gainsay the fact that you and you and the toxic individual could be sexually compatible and consummate each other's needs in bed. The sex in itself might have been good sure, but it is paramount to understand that the two are very well intertwined.

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