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Why do we focus on Personality Disorders?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

I cerebrate we misconstrue how deleterious and unloved people feel towards themselves, we trivialize the obscurity that people have with reporting with others and handling trauma, having a self-image that varies depending on the situation and that differs from how others perceive them.

After studying people proximately I somehow realized how prevalent it is for people to have a disorder. When you authentically open your eyes and commence analyzing people's deportment patterns it will shock you to see how many people meet the fundamental trait marks for being diagnosed. Personality disorders subsist when people's personality traits become so pronounced, unrelenting, and maladjusting that the person has quandaries at work, at school, and/or in dealing with other people. Can we diagnose people? no. But comprehending these disorders can avail us navigate these unhealthy patterns and coping mechanism.

Understanding the root cause avails you not just navigate around your relationships, but additionally helps you in providing support for you and your doted ones.

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Really looking forward for further posts on this, more detailed ones


Love this!!♥️

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