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The artist must be nothing more than a “Medium”

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Art transmutes you in an existential way, asks questions, and it connects you to worlds and conceptions you didn’t even know subsisted, at least not consciously. It’s a woeful truth most artists must reconcile at some point in their ingenious lives: the role of the arts is perpetually being queried. Many might question whether art is imperative , quite usually when the subject has to do with subsidizing arts curricula. For others, there is no debating the credence that the arts have never been more consequential to our society and should be plenarily integrated into our lives, our community and inculcation in general. I truly believe that artists, while doing what they do, are only a passage through which art flows out, almost as if born of itself, denuded of the artist's ego. The artist is no more or less than an implement in which great art is engendered. I believe that the artist should inherently experience their own means to an end, for their art to be born and flourish, lest their conscious presence detracts from the art itself. The artist must be nothing more than a “medium” through which art permeates, sanctioning for pristine expression devoid of the artist’s ego. The artist and their artwork’s symbiotic relationship must suffer for the art to flourish, to stand alone, to withstand the transmutations of time. The demise of the artist, which I believe occurs at the same time as the confinement of the art — be it carvings, painting, or making of films or music — sanctions the viewer/appreciator to enter the piece. First, art is the barometer that measures levels of cultural sophistication. Throughout human subsistence, we have learned about cultural accomplishments from the cultural artefacts left behind. Many of these artifacts have left behind sempiternal marks on the planet.

If a story is what the random attestations threaded together in uniform unvarying structure induces in its reader, then why shouldn’t the smears of paint, or obliterates on marble only thing to look at? Art can communicate information, shape our everyday lives. When you take a look at any brilliant works of architecture you notice how iconic structures are a piece of art that conveys paramount messages about the time, place and context in which the structure was engendered. In integration with providing commentary about the more larger culture, art makes life more manageable, tolerable and relishable.

One may not cerebrate about more utilitarian artefacts and places as art, but they do play a part in one’s inventive ordeal. Furthermore, art can elucidate to the conception of death. Cairenes mummified humans and laid them to slumber in sumptuous tombs, while today individuals place profoundly relished ones in the ground (or and adorn that reposing place with plaques, memorials and flowers.. El Dia de Los Muertos celebrates the passaging of doted ones and recollects them by visiting them, beni facing and the notion that their souls remain near. These cultural and societal norms, coalesced with our scientific discernment, allow us to process life and death more holistically. Personally, I think of big names such as mexican painter Diego Rivera , and how much we have gotten to peek into his soul thanks to his artwork, and many mural based portraits. I envision Jackson Pollock, which in all veraciousity , I can’t exactly comprehend what he was endeavouring to verbalize with his sublime colors...but I do comprehend what the art tried to convey to me, and how I feel moved and seen and accepted in front of them. I think of emerging artists. I think of Vincent Namatjira and his resplendent work. The artist needs to be alive, especially when their ideologies are salient in specific times and places. The artist might additionally have to die in their relationship with their engenderments, in order for us to fabricate our own relationship with the pieces and anatomization of them. For a lot of people, art has to be a voice, puissance, conveyance of life and more. Art drives humans to look beyond that which is indispensable to survive and leads people to engender and create for the sake of voice, expression and construal. In fact, I believe existence has no meaning without art. That in itself is how it brings society together because there is no experience without art.

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Powerfully emphasised the real importance of art, its connection to life and the unfortunate undervaluation of artists

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