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Is Love Transactional?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

It is so paramount to apprehend that society is nothing without people. Albeit self-identity and independence are eminently crucial, hyper-independence avails us eschew what humans in reality are- social beings. Modern conceptions of what social media promotes about psychology may contradict it but what would your life be without your friends, your family, and your partner? Is it inherently possible for one to only live with only oneself? Well, Society is a place of give and take.

Everything in life is. We all want to be profoundly relished and feel loved. You wouldn't maintain a relationship with anyone aeonianly if you didn't think they could dote you back, if not in the moment but at least hoping they would love you in the future. Hence, the word future is what can avail with identifying trauma bonds. As much as I'd to believe otherwise, authentic love is transactional but not in the same way a trauma bond is transactional. It is quite facile when you take out the word "hope" Whatever we give comes back around. But if you keep going back and "loving" something in the hopes that someday in the future there is a possibility that you would be doted back or something would transmute, it is inherently a trauma bond. Rather than genuine love that keeps you grounded and gives you back in the present, that's how you differentiate between the two.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Short article, but very profound !!

Loved it !

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