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"Discovering True Knowledge: Reconsidering the Direction of Our Lives"

Updated: Apr 2

Reconsidering the Direction of Our Lives

"We live for a purpose, and we give it a purpose—these are two different things. The first one is meant to be followed, while the second is merely a passion or a reason to be pursued. The first question answers who we are, while the second question answers what we want ourselves to be. However, the second question becomes meaningless if we don't know who we are initially. Thus, true knowledge lies in knowing oneself without any delusion and understanding our origin.

If you take a moment to pause and reflect, and ask yourself where you are heading, can you guarantee that once you reach your destination, everything will be perfectly peaceful? I believe no one can guarantee that.

We need to recognize that we have been conditioned to maintain the same mentality we had as children—to desire things as we please. The only difference is that as adults, we can't cry about it. Instead, we internalize our desires and create delusions about achieving this or that. Therefore, it is crucial for us to seriously reconsider the direction our lives are heading."

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