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A guide on how to heal your ego/ shadow self

The shadow self is the aspect or features of ourselves that we find unacceptable. Because it is accompanied by emotions like dolefulness, rage, resentment, envy, abandonment, and fear, we can recognize our own. We ignore them, suppress them, or do both because we find it arduous to face and comprehend these feelings. This hiding and obnubilating is especially veridical if these emotions don't fit with how we want to see ourselves or want to come across to the outside world. A person who believes they "never get angry or frustrated," for example, will do whatever it takes to evade conflict. This is because evading an arduous conversation is more simpler than dealing with a circumstance that can make them look less akin to a "calm and composed person."

When we are triggered, experience feelings of guilt or shame, or engage in self-sabotage, our mental health is deeply and our affected our shadow side can emerge. The self-saboteur is someone who, out of diffidence and trepidation of their own achievement, unintentionally undermines what they have achieved. Everyone has a shadow self since we all have blind spots. It just is; it is neither negative nor positive. But acknowledging and frank examination of the aspects of ourselves we're ashamed and inglorious of can help us gain a deeper explanation of who we are. In order to promote growth and healing, our shadow reveals what needs to be incorporated into our conscious self. This process can be arduous and calls for honesty and self-veracity, but it is very gratifying because it results in wholeness and a tranquil inner self. Sublime, huh? So how do we go about doing this?

A guide on how to heal your ego/ shadow self:

Get in touch with yourself using meditation and journaling and ask yourself these following questions respectively:

What am I most avoiding?

what am I most ashamed of?

Now visualize and imagine your negative self-talk and shame as if it were its person

Ask your ego what it needs the answer (more or less is going to be) to be: ACCEPT ME

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Great topic !

Perhaps an answer to most problems of our planet.

A genuine point raised : about the importance and seriousness of getting in touch with ourselves and the self help it would actually lead us to !

Thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog

Mi piace
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