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The Power of Visual Arts

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Visual arts can be a puissant and cogent way for self-expression, allowing us to explore experiences pushing us to tap into our creativity and explore our inner selves. Simultaneously it withal communicates perspectives, connects with others, bridge differences, and inspire dialogue on key issues in a manner that draws people. Visual arts can be a form of circumspection, a way to bring our minds into the present moment and motif on the task at hand. When we are engendering art, we can practice mindfulness by focusing on our senses, our breath, and the sensations in our bodies. This can avail us cultivate a sense of composure and pellucidity, minimizing stress and apprehensiveness.

Filmmaking as a form of narrative visual art makes it a process of reclaiming one’s life experience and utilizing storytelling as a way to expand the possibilities for being seen. When we create art, we can utilize it as a way to express our emotions and phrenic conceptions in a non-verbal way. This can avail us connect with ourselves on a deeper level and gain a more preponderant sense of self-vigilance.

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