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Are we giving our 100%?

We all are dealing with our lives on day-to-day basis, with past behind us. Present onto us and future ahead of us we are surrounded by these three musketeers all the time.

How do we learn? How do we become intelligent ? By reading, books, listening, to lecture , or solving puzzle?

For a while, image that you are deaf and blind and then think- how would you learn? Would you be able to achieve anything in your life? seems impossible, right?

Have you heard about Helen Keller ? Hellen Keller was the first ; ever blind and deaf person to earn a bachelor of arts degree, and from the Harvard University. Not only that, but she also became accomplished author, political activist, and lecturer. She is widely recognized as one of the most influential persons in the 20th century. Although Helen Keller was blind and deaf, she used her God- given gift – her intelligence to overcome her physical shortcomings to achiever her goals.

Often, we blame physical, social, or financial inability or difficult circumstances for not achieving our goals or not improving the condition of our life. Intelligence quotient is not about how much intelligence you have but how you use it.

So, we should ask ourselves:

‘Am I using 100% of my God-given intellect? Am I living up to my complete Potential?’

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The uphill task of giving our 100%

The blog is a reminder that we can. Its hard, but not possible

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