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The Brilliance of Contemporary and Abstract Art

One of the stalwarts of contemporary art is the idea of abstract art, however, this postulation is still one of the most under-ratified, misapprehended and the most dilapidated concepts amongst all fine art subgenres. With inceptions in many different cultures, abstract art existed long before the name "abstract" was employed as a term for modern art.

Contrary to most of our pedagogy and the media, contemporary art, in my opinion, offers an alternate method of learning about the world and digesting information that promotes independent thought. No one can concede on its own set of rules, which ensures that it will always hold appeal. Art has incontestably always been there. Our adroitness to create new possibilities and make sense of the world comes from the stories we tell. That narrative and travel are both represented in contemporary art.

All the art that we observe being created in the present is collectively referred to as "contemporary art." Given that it continues to refer to works of art created decades ago, it represents the indisposition to look beyond the present and envision new frontiers for art creation. One of my favourite questions about contemporary and abstract art remains "Is it art?" since it frequently indicates that a piece of art is performing exceptionally well. It represents recession to me, but I also see the potential for invigoration, transmutation, and the inception of something new that will only become apparent in the years to come. It will bring new terminology with it that will enable us to move beyond the "contemporary."

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Great statement : :abstract art existed long before the name "abstract" was employed as a term for modern art"

In the end, it is all about self projection of emotions - whether classified under abstract art or not !

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