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Can narcissists change?

Can narcissists change?

Narcissists have a vigorous sense of dislike and disrelish not just towards themselves but additionally towards their inner child. Deep underneath all the grandiosity is buried a rooted self of self-abhorrence and hatred. This arises from many aspects including a lack of identity. This goes out to all in the cluster B spectrum and disorders that struggle to disunite their inner reprove from that of their mothers.  It is a myth that NPD is untreatable. However, whether a person has NPD or not, people cannot change unless they decide to. A profoundly relished one cannot force a person with NPD to transmute, nor dote them into seeking treatment. However, it is withal a myth that. narcissists planarity lack empathy, albeit some of them do, most of them have a little empathy for sure, but their shield to forefend them from shame and censurability obviates them from feeling empathy.

Due to their lack of identity, they mirror people around them (both consciously and subconsciously). Schema therapy is highly efficacious for people who suffer from this disorder. Schema Therapy is an active, scientifically proven therapeutic approach that fixates on transmuting perpetual, partial emotional and self-destructive habitual deportments through cognitive reorganization, harmonious dependency, constrained re-parenting work, behavioural skills development, and personal techniques. Narcissists, if given the right avail can try to represent their inner child.

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