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Stephanie Carinia-Clinical Psychologist

Addiction, trauma, and personality problems are her areas of expertise.
What drives her is dissecting the reasons behind our actions and assisting you in self-understanding so that you can reestablish a connection with your intuition.


That's the reason she chose to study psychology in the first place: the reasons behind our actions (I took the easy route and began by studying law).

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My Story

We constantly engage with one another in our day-to-day interactions.We will come into contact with how our personalities function during this exchange. We will experience triggers during our interactions. From the workplace to friendships, which are already more intimate, to love relationships at the top of the pyramid, where we will be most activated since they demand the greatest amount of intimacy. The likelihood that defense mechanisms will be activated and issues will ensue increases with the level of emotional involvement.She has a postgraduate degree in clinical psychology from the University of Amsterdam, which is the equivalent of a PsyD, as well as a BSc, MSc, and MSc. In the Netherlands, She works as a so-called registered clinical psychologist, or "gezondheidszorgpsycholoog." In addition, she has training in psychodynamic work, schema focused therapy, and is a registered CBT, EMDR, and MBT therapist.

Easy To Reach-Stephanie Carinia

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