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Josef-Sociopath/ ASPD

My name is Josef, otherwise known as The Antisocial Borderline, and I’m 33 and live in Texas. Originally from NYC, I lived my entire childhood life surrounded by metal illness, affective instability, chaos, and a nihilistic view of the human experience.

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My Story

The result being riddled with anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and other maladaptive behaviours that have been classified as “personality disorders”. After the first attempt on my life at the age of 20, I was diagnosed with Borderline and Obsessive Compulsive Personality disorder. Shortly after, Antisocial Personality Disorder followed. Occupying its own section in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Personality Disorders have always been an enigma of psychological anomalies resulting in the professional sector being unable to assist in recovery.


I took it upon myself to undo all the damage my parents inflicted on me by going through the APA’s limited modalities of DBT, CBT, Mentalization, and Internal Family Systems. Combined with working the 12 steps of Codependents anonymous and personal insight gained from four toxic and shattering romantic relationships with individuals like me, I’ve persevered through these detrimental pathologies and even caused one to go into diagnostic remission. I’m close to the same result for my OCPD, and am actively working on purging my ASPD, despite virtually no professional resources to help. Along the way I have mastered life alongside several other diagnosis such as anxiety, ADHD, social disinhibition disorder, complex PTSD, bulimia, and substance abuse disorder regarding alcohol and crystal meth.


I’ve recently learned the core of Sociopathy is a complete absence of trust in the current societal structure. After all, if it wasn’t for the disordered way of life humanity has adopted, the institutions that were supposed to help my parents and I would have done their job and my inherent disregard for the law and conformity wouldn’t exist. Consequently, I’ve learned in order to recover from ASPD, I have to myself create what I’ve always been looking for. A place where I belong. That why I’ve recently taken to social media and the internet. To find fellow survivors of childhood malevolence so we could come together and heal each other.


I intend to do that by passing on what I’ve learned about Cluster B recovery, dispelling stigmatizing nonsense such as narcistic abuse, and ultimately dismantling the institution that is responsible for all this pain and confusion; the American Psychological Association.

Easy To Reach-Michael Walsh

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