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Tracy Otsuka-ADHD Coach

As a mother, writer, podcaster, certified ADHD coach, and attorney, my mission is to transform the way people talk about ADHD.

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My Story

My ADHD journey began with my child 
My son's psychologist advised us to lower his expectations when he was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of twelve in order to prevent him from being let down later in life. I let her go. Since so many professionals didn't appear to know what ADHD really looked like, I made the decision then and there to learn everything I could about the condition.


I was given an ADHD diagnosis eight months later.


I'm now on a quest to shift the discourse on women and ADHD.


I understand what it's like to have too much. I've always gone above and beyond the call of duty, challenging convention when others follow suit. Others questioned why I couldn't unwind, become more playful, or control myself. I attributed it to my innate motivation. I now see that hyperactivity, a defining characteristic of ADHD, is what drivenness is.


What I can say with certainty is that our perception of our own abilities shapes our actual performance. After I was diagnosed with ADHD later in life, I was able to live without restrictions. The ridiculous recommendation to reduce my son's objectives exposed the danger of being constrained by unjustified boundaries. Because they haven't figured out how to focus on their talents and use their ADHD brains, far too many women live with low expectations and let life pass them by. That's why I published my book, launched my podcast, and created a free Facebook community. It's also the reason I'm determined to alter the conversation we have about women and ADHD.

Easy To Reach-Tracy Otsuka

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